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First The Numbers… Then Your Mind Gets Blown 🤯

As of the date of this writing there are roughly 15 million tokens in circulation, the vast majority of them being held by retail investors. …

Hanging Out In The Metaverse

Let’s ask the whatsUP Crew what it means to build friendships and community in a digital world. …

A Rare Project

Gems in crypto don’t usually remain hidden. So why has…

Co-Founder of StakeWise, Kirill Kutacov

  • StakeWise uses a clever dual-token model that gives stakers more flexibility when managing their locked-up Ether, right now, as well as after Eth 2.0 launches.
  • Plans are in motion to launch their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), making StakeWise one of the first staking pools to become fully non-custodial.


Writer. Hodler. Forest Dweller.

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